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Frequently asked questions

  • Q. 1)
    What data download formats are available?
  • Q. 2)
    Where can I find documentation for the CMOTS API’s?
  • Q. 3)
    How do I add/manage IP addresses for my CMOTS Account?
  • Q. 4)
    Where is CMOTS data sourced?
  • Q. 5)
    What does my data subscription entitle me to?
  • Q. 6)
    At what time of day do CMOTS's datasets get updated?
  • Q. 7)
    Does the CMOTS API support cross-origin resource sharing (CORS)?
  • Q. 8)
    What is an API Token and how do I use it?
  • Q. 9)
    How much does API usage cost?
  • Q. 10)
    The API is not working for me. What should I do?
  • Q. 11)
    Can I redistribute CMOTS data?
  • Q. 12)
    What performance benchmarks can I expect from the CMOTS API?
  • Q. 13)
    How do I download a dataset using the API?
  • Q. 14)
    Can I change the frequency of the data that I download using the API?
  • Q. 15)
    Can I change the sort order in which data is returned by the API?
  • Q. 16)
    How do I download stock prices every day for a scrip?
  • Q. 17)
    Do you have separate APIs for different datasets?
  • Q. 18)
    How do I export CMOTS data to another application or language?
  • Q. 19)
    What are the terms of use of CMOTS datasets?
  • Q. 20)
    Can I cancel my data subscriptions at any time?
  • Q. 21)
    What datasets are currently available on CMOTS?
  • Q. 22)
    Can I get a free trial or preview access to data before subscribing?
  • Q. 23)
    Do you offer package discounts for users buying multiple datasets?
  • Q. 24)
    Do you offer discounts for long-term subscriptions?
  • Q. 25)
    Can you add a specific dataset to C-MOTS for me?
  • Q. 26)
    Does C-MOTS have real-time, intraday or tick data?
  • Q. 27)
    Does C-MOTS has a master security list?
  • Q. 28)
    How accurate is CMOTS's data?
  • Q. 29)
    What is CMOTS's nomenclature system for data?
  • Q. 30)
    How do I report errors in the data or documentation?
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  • All C-MOTS datasets are available in CSV, XML and JSON formats. If there is some other format you would like, please let us know.
  • Documentation for the subscribed API’s will be emailed to you.
  • Please send a mail at info@apidatafeed.com or to your account manager to add or remove your IP addresses for your account. Maximum of 2 IP addresses are allowed for any account.
  • C-MOTS datasets are built and maintained inhouse in our data centers by our database team who have decades of experience and deep domain expertise in specific data areas.
  • A subscription to any dataset entitles you to all the data listed in that dataset.
  • Update time varies from dataset to dataset.
  • Yes. API’s supports cross-origin resource sharing, so that you can interact securely with the API from a client-side web application. Be sure not to expose your API key in your client-side code.
  • Cost depends on the dataset bouquet
  • Confirm that you have a C-MOTS account and are passing in your API key correctly in your API call. Confirm the syntax of your API call, using our reference guide. If you've confirmed the above, and still can't diagnose the problem, please email us and we will try to fix it for you.
  • C-MOTS API redistribution is not permitted.
  • 99% uptime.
  • Here is a basic API call example
    The above call downloads list of all stocks with it's respective code & sectors in CSV format.
    You can replace the api code equity.svc/Sector-Wise-Company/Realty/00000051/10 in the above example with the code of whatever other dataset you want to download. For example equity.svc/Price-Ticker/NSE or derivatives.svc/Top-Quantity/FUT.
    You can replace the format code with json or xml.

    Note if you want to access a dataset, you will need to append your API key to the call. You can find your API key in your account ip address settings.

  • Yes, you can change the frequency.
  • Yes, you can sort
  • This call downloads stock price of a scrip

  • All datasets and datasets on CMOTS are available through exactly the same API. API syntax and usage are the same for all datasets on CMOTS.We have created a few subject-API guides that will explain how to use the API in specific domains:
    Stocks: API for stock data
    Derivatives: API for futures data
    Currencies: API for currency data
    Commodities: API for commodity data
    Mutual fund : API for mutualfund data
  • We do not have a out of the box wrapper to export CMOTS data to another application. But we can build a customized wrapper or application for the same as per your requirement.If you would like to build your own wrapper or package using CMOTS data, please let us know and we would be happy to support you.
  • We have the simplest and most liberal terms of use of any data provider Terms of use in simple language will be shared with you on subscription of data
  • Once subscribed, the same will have to be used till the end of the subscription term.
  • Equity

    Group Master, Company Master, 52 Week High, 52 Week Low, New High, Sector List, Price Ticker, Intraday Chart, Most Active Value Toppers, Most Active Volume Toppers, Net Price Gainers, Net Price Losers, Out Performers, Under Performers, Only Buyers, Only Sellers, Advances, Declines, Unchanged, New Low, Unusual Volume, Exchange Holidays, Bulk Deals, Block Deals, Sector Watch, Index Constituents, Historical Returns, Live Indices, Index List, Index Wise Company, Sector Wise Company

    Mutual Fund

    Category, Fund House, Scheme Comparison, Fund Manager Interview, Least Volatile Schemes, Scheme Asset Allocation, Scheme Holding, Scheme Performance, Biggest Scheme, Scheme Investment Details, Scheme Latest Payouts, Scheme NAV Chart, Scheme NAV Details, Scheme Summary, Fund Profile, Scheme Master, Scheme Name, Top Performance, Scheme Search Lumpsum, Whats In&Out, New Fund Offer, Dividend Announcement, Top 10 Holdings, MF Activities/Transaction in MF, MF News, Dividend Details, MF Synopsis, Historical NAV, Daily NAV, Scheme Ratios, Sub Categories


    Commodity Master, Top Losers, Commodity News, End-Session Commentary, Mid-Session Commentary, Pre-Session Commentary, Closing Commodity Prices, Future, Prices Ticker, Spot Prices Ticker, Top Traded Value, Top Gainers, Category, Technical Chart, Get Quotes chart, Get Quotes, Unchanged, Declines, Advances

    Other Markets

    World Indices, Forex, MF Investment, FII Investment, ADR Prices, World Indices, Forex, MF Investment, FII Investment, ADR Prices


    Forthcoming IPOs, Open/Current IPOs, Closed IPOs, New Issue Monitor, New Issue Monitor Details, New Listing, Basis of Allotment, Best Performers, Draft Prospectus, Split of Face Value, Change of Name, Market Turnover, De-Listed Shares, Right Issues, Bonus Issues, Board Meetings, Book Closure, Announcement


    Market Information, Currency, Currency Market, Currency Expiry Date, Get Quotes, Currency Chart


    IPO News, Mutual Fund News, Analyst Poll, Other Markets, Futures Market, Corporate Result, Corporate News, Economy News, Stock Alert, Hot Pursuit/StockAction, Quick Peek/Review, Market Beat, End-Session, Mid-Session, Pre Session

    Company Information

    Get Quote Details, Company Profile, Company Chart, Company Background, Board of Directors, Profit and Loss, Quarterly Results, Key Financial Ratios, Share Holding Pattern, Directors Reports, Score Board, Name Change, Company News, Peer Comparison, MF Holdings, Quote Finder


    Get Quotes, Nifty Futures, Top Quantity, Top Value Traded, Derivative Summary, FII Statistics, Daily Settlement Prices, List of Underlying, Pull Call Ratio, Cost of Carry, Most Active Contract, All Index Futures, Top Gainers, Top Losers, Top Highest in OI, Top Lowest in OI, Increase in OI, Decrease in OI, Most Active Put, Most Active Call
  • You can only get a preview of the data before subscribing to the same.
  • Yes, we offer discounts for dataset bundles. Please contact us to discuss your needs.
  • Yes, Please contact us to discuss further
  • Yes we can, provided we have the datapoints. If you would like to suggest a new dataset, please email us.
  • Yes,We have intraday snapshot data
  • Yes
  • Every single dataset on C-MOTS is guaranteed to be a perfectly accurate.
  • Details will be shared with you after you subscribe the same.
  • You can report any errors in data or documentation by emailing us at info@apidatafeed.com or accountmanager@cmots.com

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