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Terms Of Use


Subscribed Data / Services:
(Web Services API/ Raw Data through FTP / Website development / Website Hosting)
Owned data:
Refer our Quotation No. :
<Quotation Number &Date >
Sourced Data:
The data supplied by C-MOTS is acquired from different sources and has right to re-distribute the same to its clients.


1. Data (Web Services API) / Raw data through FTP :
  • Client will use the subscribed data only for exhibition on its website < mention all the platforms for which data is subscribed along with the website name/product name>
  • Client will not re-distribute nor re-sell the subscribed data to any other data vendor.
  • Client is permitted to take hard copy printouts of the data or parts thereof for distribution to its own clients, or include the data or parts thereof in its other printed documents like newsletters distributed to its own clients. On such hard copy outputs wherein any part or whole of Subscribed Data is exhibited; Client will display the statement reading as ‘Data Powered by C-MOTS INFOTECH –ISO Certified 9001:2015‘ website www.cmots.com’.
  • Client will give details to C-MOTS of how and where the data is presented.
2.Subscribed Services
1. Web Services API)/ CSV Data through FTP / Website development / Website hosting
<List out all content details>
Financial Web Contents : ( as per subscription)
  • Basic Admin Module for the website Or Website content Management tool
  • Value addition modules
  • If the site is being developed in HTML5, the responsive designs will be shared for the home page. The navigation and placement of menus and other objects of the site should be confirmed by client before the development is started. Navigation and placement will be same across the site
  • Changes in navigation or placement after the development has started will incur additional charges depending upon the complexity involved in the same
  • If the development is Iframe links, respective design templates and CSS should be shared by the client. We may use the same of implement required details from the CSS . For a responsive website, the responsive htmls to be shared by the client.
  • Additional NSE charges as applicable per segment, per platform will be charged as per exchange norms if NSE data is being subscribed to from CMOTS


1. Data (Web Services API) / Raw data through FTP
  1. If Webservice then data will be served from CMOTS HTTP server. Data can be provided either as JSON or XML.
  2. The data will be made available through API.
  3. For CSV data through FTP, data will be served from CMOTS FTP server. Data will be pipe separated.
  4. Uid/ pwd will be provided for access.
  5. Images selected for use on website will be chargeable as per charges mentioned on the images site
  6. Two homepage templates with different structure will be shared with the proposal free of cost. Additional templates will be chargeable.
  7. Logo’s to be designed will be charged additionally.


  1. MODE OF PAYMENT : Demand Draft/ Cheque / remittance in favour of C-MOTS Internet Technologies Pvt Ltd.
  2. CURRENCY : Indian Rupees < ---->-* per annum (Rs. In words Only) plus taxes extra as applicable against our proposal cum contract <quotation number> .
  3. Subscription and renewal amount will not be refundable.
  4. If the project is cancelled or postponed prior to completion, the package pricing in the proposal will be null and void and the client will be obligated to CMOTS Internet Technologies Pvt. Ltd. at the rate of Rs.7500/- per man day for all work completed up through that time
  5. Client is responsible for all additional Internet or web site costs or services not indicated or included in this proposal.
  6. Subscription to the services would be renewed automatically. In case, the client does not wish to renew, then the client needs to give at least one month prior written notice to Cmots. Any intimation after the renewal date will not be valid and the client is entitled to pay the full subscription amount.
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