Get Quotes NCDEX Delayed

Provides a snapshot of all trading information pertaining to the commodity listed in NCDEX exchange with delay. Commodity symbol and record count to customize the result

 Note - Data displayed in sample output is dummy.

Output Description

FieldData TypeDescription
SymbolvarcharCommodity Symbol
ExpiryDateDateTimeExpiry Date
PreviousClosefloatYesterday Close
LastTradedPriceintLast Traded Price
ChangefloatDiff in Index Value with Prev Index
CommodityNamevarcharCommodity Name
VolumeintTotal Traded Volume
TradedValueintTraded value
DifferencefloatDiff in Value with Prev Price
CategoryvarcharCommodity Center
CommodityNamevarcharCommodity Name
UnitvarcharUnits - Lot Size for Price coming
PreviousCloseDateDatetimeYesterday Close Date
TradeDateDatetimeTrade Date
OpenPricefloatDay Open Price
OpenInterestfloatOpen Interest
HighPricefloatDay High Price
MaxDateDatetimeMax Date
MarketLOTintMarket LOT
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