Get Quote Details NSE Delayed

Provides the snapshot of all trading information pertaining to the stock listed in NSE exchange with delayed data.Company name to customize the result

 Note - Data displayed in sample output is dummy.

Output Description

FieldData TypeDescription
UpdatedTimeDatetimeUpdated Time
OpenPricefloatDay Open Price
HighPricefloatDay High Price
LowPricefloatDay Low Price
PricefloatCurrent Price(EOD Price in Evening)
BestBuyQuantityintBuy Quantity
BestBuyPricefloatBuy Price
BestSellQuantityintSell Quantity
BestSellPricefloatSell Price
TotalTradedValuefloatTotal Traded Value
ValuefloatProduct Value
VolumefloatTotal Volume of Exchange(Actual)
OldPricefloatOld Price
PriceDifferencefloatPrice Difference
TotalTradedQuantityvarcharTotal Traded Quantity
ScGroupvarcharBSE Group
CompanyNamevarcharCompany Name
SymbolvarcharNSE Symbol of Company
ListInformationvarcharList Information
DisplayFormatTypevarcharDisplay Format Type (Defination : For NBFC Companies : “FIN” ,For Banks : “BANK” ,For Rest : “FIIT/SHIP//MEDIA/MAN/HOTEL/POWER/BANK/REALTY”)
CompanySectorvarcharCompany Sector
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