Nifty Futures Delayed

Provides the future contracts where the underlying is the stock index nifty with delayed data

 Note - Data displayed in sample output is dummy.

Output Description

FieldData TypeDescription
InstNameVarcharInstrument Name
ExpDateDatetimeExpire Date
StrikePricefloatStrike Price
OptTypeVarcharOption Type
MktTypecharMarket Type
BBuyPricefloatBest Buy Price
BBuyQtyintBest Buy Quantity
BSellPricefloatBest Sell Price
BSellQtyintBest Sell Quantity
LTPfloatLive Trade Price
TTrdQtynumericToday Traded Quantity
AvgTPfloatAvg Trade Price
SecStatuscharSection Status
OpenPricefloatOpen Price
HighPricefloatHigh Price
LowPricefloatLow Price
ClosePricefloatClose Price
OpenInterestfloatOpen Interest
UpdTimeDatetimeUpdate Time
IntvHighPricefloatIntv High Price
IntvLowPricefloatIntv Low Price
IntvOpenPricefloatIntv Open Price
IntvClosePricefloatIntv Close Price
IntvTotTrdQtyfloatIntv Total Trade Quantity
TradedQtyfloatTraded Quantity
NseClosePricefloatNse Close Price
TurnoverfloatTurn over
FAOChangefloatFAO Change
FAOPerChangefloatFAO Per Change
FAOValue_CrfloatFAO Value Cr.
ExpmonthvarcharExpiry Month
PerChangeOIfloatPer Change OI
PrevClosefloatPrevious Close
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