Open/Current IPOs

List of IPOs which are opened on both NSE and BSE Exchanges with offer price. Record count drop down box to customize the list

 Note - Data displayed in sample output is dummy.

Output Description

FieldData TypeDescription
CompanyLongNamevarcharCompany Long Name
IssueTypevarcharIssue Type
CloseDateDateTimeClose date
VolumeYearintVolume Year
VolumeSerialNumberintVolume Serial Number
BasisOfAllotmentbitindicative field for basis of allotment availability
IssuePricefloatIssue Price1
IssuePrice2floatIssue Price2
IssueSizeflaotIssue Size in Rs Cr
FurhterMultiplesintfurhter multiples
OpenDatedatetimeopen date
CloseDatedatetimeClose Date
BookBuildingOpenDatedatetimebook building open date
BookBuildingCloseDatedatetimebook building close date
MinimumApplicationintminimum application
NewIssueMonitorbitindicative field for New issue monitor availability
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