Dividend Details

Provides the detailed information on dividend announced by the company managers. Fund name and Category to customize the result

 Note - Data displayed in sample output is dummy.

Output Description

FieldData TypeDescription
SchemeNamevarcharscheme name
CategoryvarcharScheme Category Name present in cardv
DividendDateDatetimeDividend Annoucement Date
DividendPercentagefloatDividend Percentage
DivdendAmountfloatDivdend Amount
DividendPercentagePUvarcharDividend Amount or Percentage ie (P/U Or % )
DividendTypevarcharDividend Type
DividendTypeCodeintDividend type Code
NavDateDateTimeNav Date
NavPricefloatNav Price
MFSchemeCodeintCapital Market Scheme Code
SchemevarcharO for open ended, C for closed ended
OneWeekfloatReturn % on this period
OneMonthfloatReturn % on this period
ThreeMonthfloatReturn % on this period
SixMonthfloatReturn % on this period
OneYearfloatReturn % on this period
ThreeYearfloatReturn % on this period
FiveYearfloatReturn % on this period
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