Scheme Latest Payouts

Provides the expected financial return (Bonus/ Dividend) from Fund. Fund name, Category,Scheme name to customize the result

 Note - Data displayed in sample output is dummy.

Output Description

FieldData TypeDescription
DividendTypeintDividend Type/Flag
DividendDateDateTimeDividend Annoucement Date
BonusRatio1intBonus Ratio for bonus unit (1 for 1:2)
BonusRatio2intBonus Ratio for bonus unit (2 for 1:2)
DividendTypeCodeintDividend Type Code Present
DividendPercentage floatDividend Percentage
DividendPercentagePUvarcharDividend Amount or Percentage ie (P/U Or % ) TAG
SchemeNamevarcharScheme Name
MF_SchemeCodeintCapital Market Scheme Code
RecordDateDateTimeRecord Date (If not present then Book Closer Date will be present)
ExDividendDateDateTimeLatest Dividend Date
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