Scheme NAV Details

Provides the NAV details offered by any fund house for any scheme. Fund name, Category, Scheme name to customized the result

 Note - Data displayed in sample output is dummy.

Output Description

FieldData TypeDescription
NavDateDateTimeNav Date
PurchaseLoadintPurchase Load
SaleLoadintSale Load
NavRepurchasePricefloatNav Repurchase Price
NavSalePricefloatNav Sale Price
EntryvarcharEntry Load
ExitvarcharExit Load
FiftyTwoWeekNavfloatFifty Two Week Nav
FiftyTwoWeekDateDatetimeFifty Two Week Date
FiftyTwoLowfloatFifty Two Low
FiftyTwoLowDateDatetimeFifty Two Low Date
LaunchDateDatetimeLaunch Date
SizefloatNet Asset Value
MFSchemeCodeintCapital Market Scheme Code
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