Scheme Summary

Provides the analysis or summary of the selected scheme. Fund name, Category, Scheme name to customize the result

 Note - Data displayed in sample output is dummy.

Output Description

FieldData TypeDescription
FundNamevarcharCompany Name
SchemeNamevarcharScheme Name
CompanyLongNamevarcharCompany Long Name
SchemevarcharO for open ended, C for closed ended
SchemeClassNamevarcharscheme class name Present in schclass as vclass
LaunchDateDateTimeLaunch Date/Open date
FundManagerNamevarcharFund Manager Name
Size floatNet Asset Value
SizeDateDateTimeSize Date
BenchmarkIndexvarcharBenchmark Index
SIPExitLoadintSIP Exit Load %
SIPEntryLoadintEntry Load %
SIPMinimumInvestment intSIP Minimum Investment
IncrementalInvestmentintIncremental Investment
InceptionDateDateTimeInception Date
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